Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Twitter Secrets, Tips, and Tools Conference Call

-by Al Ferretti and Skeeter Hansen

WHAT: Live Twitter Secrets, Tips and Tools Conference Call. Since December 2008.

WHERE: 1-785-686-2221, passcode 1234#, then press *6

WHEN: Every Sunday 10p eastern, 9p central,
8p mountain, 7p pacific.

WHY: Twitter Secrets, Tips, and Tools Conference Call. Since December 2008.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you with “Twitter Secrets, Tips, and Tools Conference Call.”

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  1. Can you explain what hashtags are and the benefits to them?

  2. I hear there are many Twitter Tools and Applicatons, which ones do you like the most and why?

  3. Can I make money with Twitter?

  4. I have only been on Twitter for a few months but have over 900 followers. I have never autofollowed, bc I want to check each follower out -- quantity over quality -- and I don't just want a lot of spammers and noise in my Twitter stream. But now I'm unable to follow back in a timely fashion -- at the same rate I am being followed. I'm not so much worried about losing followers, I'm more concerned w hurting others' feelings -- here tweeters are choosing me to follow and I don't even have the courtesy to follow (choose) them back (not in a timely fashion, anyway). So they are unfollowing me. I fear I am hurting their feelings.

    My question is this -- to I begin to autofollow (with a tool such as socialtoo), or do I continue as I am doing, not getting as many followers, continuing to choose quality over quantity?

    I don't want spammers, bots, and people who tweet sales in every tweet, offering nothing to the stream. I want quality tweeters.

    Can I have both quality and quantity in followers? I just don't have time to check each follower out. There's not enough time in the day. I can't be on Twitter 24/7...

  5. Do you suggest we discuss controversial subjects on Twitter, such as religion and politics? I have heard to both have an opinion and not to have an opinion about "controversial" matters on Twitter! What is your opinion?

  6. Can you tell us how to use the www.wefollow.com blog? I have tried to repeatedly and it is NOT userfriendly! I have tried to put keywords in to find different subjects and the blog just doesn't work. Only the first few pages seem to work! If I want to find a particular category I can't. I can't find someone like myself. If you can't tell us how it works, could you please ask we follow to explain how to use their blog, or ask them to make it more userfriendly? Thanks!

  7. There have been lots of "twitter experts" who have said we should tweet business only on twitter, and other "twitter experts" who say we can have fun also -- tweeting more than business. I have been dropped (unfollowed) for putting down "fun" tweets as well as serious tweets. What do you think of that? Must things be all business? Or can there be a mixture? For instance, is it an unwise idea to tweet a favorite song? Is it unwise to tweet an inspiring video about a man who plays basketball in a wheelchair? How about tweeting the astronomy photo of the day? And quotes and jokes? I often do these things, but amidst them I also post many links to blog posts which contain tutorials on how to use Twitter, how to make your blog better, how to market, how to write, the latest technology, etc. I also answer questions and attempt to help people. I guess I am well rounded. What do you think about my style? I have have been Unfollowed for my style of tweeting -- (especially quotes and jokes), and was told I was not "businesslike enough." But then I am a well rounded person. It's just me. It's my style. Am I doing something wrong?

  8. How can I prevent my feelings from being hurt when someone unfollows me? I take it personally!

  9. How do you suggest finding followers with LIKE interests? Anybody can find followers. How can we find followers who are like ourselves? What methods do you use? Sorry, I haven't been to prior conferences, so I don't know your methods...

  10. What do you consider the main purpose of Twitter?

  11. If you were to try to explain to someone why you were on Twitter today, or why THEY should use Twitter, what would you tell them?