Friday, June 12, 2009

Making Twitter #FollowFriday Effective

-by Al Ferretti and Skeeter Hansen

Follow Friday was developed as a way to let people know that
they are valued and appreciated.
#followfriday: Verb. Action is done each friday come rain or shine.

A good number of people on Twitter do not know how to post
a follow Friday effectively.
Before we get into how to use follow Friday effectively,
let’s talk about how not to follow Friday.

A lot of people tend to just post a whole bunch of people to follow, with no real reason as to why. If you see a huge list of people you know little or nothing about, would you actually want to find out more about the people that are mentioned? It’s unlikely that I would actually take action by following a bunch of random people on Twitter whom I know nothing about.

This is how I make Twitter #FollowFriday effective:
Simply recommend one person at a time to #followfriday. Then write a reason why people should follow this person on Twitter. Here is an example, "#followfriday April Braswell @AprilBraswell she provides the best of the best tips for finding the love of your life.

People who are interested in finding love will most likely follow April. If you are effective (by providing value) with #followfriday, your followers will appreciate your act of kindness and likely return the favor back to you.

You can checkout TopFollowFriday it’s one of a number of twitter 3rd party tools that displays the most endorsed people of the week and how many people have endorsed you.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you with “making Twitter #FollowFriday effective.”




  1. Thanks, I was unaware of what follow friday was.

  2. very glad you posted that. FF seemed nerve wrecking with tweets giving no reason why i should follow folk. i tend to stay away from fads.

    Twitter net marketing...

  4. Skeeter & Al

    Love your blog as it gives great tips for using twitter basically and also extends extra help for those of us who want to use for business (and I don't mean selling non stop but rather getting to know people who are interested in my niche)

  5. You are SO utterly darling to include me as an example. Indeed I do a VARIETY. Sometimes I do the group of stuff people for #FF. i know. i know. chagrin. Not always the MOST effective. Still, it's like handwritten Crane's bonded stationary thank you notes. You don't always manage them for everyone.

    And then there are the people, like the dear example you provided, where you pimp them out and make a FABulous introduction.

    this dear person
    follow them

    you Al and Skeeter are SO marvelous.


    Happy Dating and Relationships!

    April Braswell