Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why you lose followers on Twitter

-by Skeeter Hansen and Al Ferretti

Do you wonder why you are losing followers on Twitter?

You might be making mistakes and not even know it.
Here are some of the reasons why your followers on Twitter would leave you:

Automatic Direct Messages
: These things are very annoying, and there is nothing personal about them. For example, "Thanks for following me! Be sure to check out my website!" is considered a spam. What's worse is when people resend the same message a few days later to tell you the same thing, like one is not enough.

Blasting Tweets: Are you one of those people who send out ten or more posts at once that cover up the entire wall? You need to give others a chance to speak up. When you spam like that, all people see is a wall of your smiley face picture. If you ever wonder why you lose a bunch of followers on Twitter all at once, this could be the biggest reason.

Over Promoting: Do you only post about your website? People will think you are a robot if all you do is talk about your website and tell people to check it out. Try to connect with others by interacting on Twitter. If somebody posts something interesting, then you can talk about it, and share it with your followers.

Proper Follow Up: When people ask you questions through a "@reply" or direct messages, make sure you respond to them. You may have post something interesting that caught their attention. Connect with these people and they may recommend you to their followers later.

Keep It Clean: Many people use twitter at work. Profanity is not something they can afford to have flashing on their computer. Most people will immediately unfollow these types of users.

Just remember, tweet others the way you want to be tweeted.

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  1. The problem I have is when people use too many abbreviations and I can't understand what they are saying without stopping to decipher it. If you have to abbreviate THAT MUCH, you are saying TOO MUCH.

  2. Respectful twitter customer/manager

    I can blog, news, Net social working...

    see again...

  3. i can blog,news, articles, net social working

  4. The open question is: Does restricting your use of profanity (assuming you use it in conversation) make your twitter stream less personal?

    I agree, if you are a business on Twitter you should keep you stream clean for all users viewing you.

    Also, if you are afraid of your boss seeing profanity on the screen while you are working, then maybe you should be using a different method to check your friend timeline, or refrain from checking during work hours at all.

  5. I also would say tweets with a lot of abbreviations made me thinking of not to read them.

  6. People who are real on Twitter interest me. If I can talk to you like a human being then you are great in book!

  7. I had used an auto-DM to explain who I am and what I'm tweeting about for our corporate Twitter acct, such as music playlist recommendations, etc. Is that still considered 'spammy', should I remove it?

  8. Being personal is a major problem.
    I've never had any "life" outside my work so I can't comment on anything that's not work related.
    It's only 'work' that I find interesting.

  9. Can I add 2 more?
    1 - the constant: "thanks for following me tweet" and
    2 - the affiliate marketer that disguises their sales link to look like a blog post that is for education!

    Ann Evanston
    The Warrior is Within You